Safety & Well Being

  • During these trying times Katie’s highest priority is the well being of every member of PAUSD. Katie would collaborate with public health professionals to help make the best decisions for our community.

  • We need to unite our community resources to model positive coping mechanisms and prevent youth social isolation.

  • We must ensure the pandemic does not exacerbate student substance use. Katie will work with our community and city partners to strengthen the district’s response to vaping.

Community & Collaboration

  • In a crisis communication is critical, that’s why Katie stands for transparent, clear communication.

  • Just as she has done when volunteering in the communty Katie will empathetically and enthusiastically collaborate with community members, local partners, and fellow board members.

  • Now is when our educators need to know professional development is available –– a resource Katie will bring a fiscally mindful approach to prioritizing.

Inclusion & Equity

  • Responding to the pandemic means strengthening and streamlining our efforts to supporting those most vulnerable - whether historically under represented, socio economically disadvantaged, or special education - no one gets left behind in a crisis.

  • Emphasize the point persons in our district so no community member is confused of where to get help.

  • Inclusion for in and outside the classroom: cultivating representation for all voices and culture to thrive and be protected in our community.

Amplify Student Voices

  • Right now is when finding new avenues to amplify student voices can help us proactively respond to problems before they arise. 

  • More than ever students need networks of personal and professional support - it’s time for a formalized avenue for alumni to mentor students.

  • If elected Katie would establish an Alumni Committee to help ensure the PAUSD Promise is being fulfilled years after students graduate. 

Katie wants to know what issues are important to you! 

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